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At i4C Innovations, we love dogs. Our mission is simple: to understand dogs like never before and to build more rewarding, enduring, and richer relationships with man’s best friend.

Founded in early 2013, we have brought together a diverse team of smart, passionate individuals and top-tier organizations to build a suite of unique products and services for the companion animal market.

We created VOYCETM because we believe in a world where pet parents don't have to guess anymore—where thanks to our comprehensive approach to pet wellness, people understand their dogs on a deeper level, allowing them to create richer relationships.

VOYCE has been named a Top 10 Finalist in 2014 CES Last Gadget Standing.

Our proprietary services will provide health-related data, behavioral content, and include a social component to give you a 360-degree view. To learn more, visit www.MyDogsVoyce.com, or email us at inquiries@i4cinnovations.com.


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