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i4C Innovations

At i4C Innovations, we love dogs. Our mission is simple: to understand dogs like never before and to build more rewarding, enduring, and richer relationships with man’s best friend.

Founded in early 2013, we have brought together a diverse team of smart, passionate individuals and top-tier organizations to build a suite of unique products and services for the companion animal market.

We created VOYCETM because we believe in a world where pet parents don't have to guess anymore—where thanks to our comprehensive approach to pet wellness, people understand their dogs on a deeper level, allowing them to create richer relationships.

About Voyce

Voyce is a comprehensive platform that delivers actionable information to pet owners and veterinarians in easily understood formats. The Voyce ExperienceTM only begins when you place the Voyce band around your dog's neck. Information is then tailored to the pet parent and dog with recommended articles, weekly newsletters, and reminders based on the dog's personal information and the owner's interests.

With Voyce, pet parents can:

  • Monitor key vital signs & wellness indicators
  • Access symptom checker tool
  • Set goals to learn & grow together
  • Get exclusive content tailored to your dog
  • Medical record storage
  • Receive medication & appointment reminders

Voyce is now available for purchase via buy.mydogsvoyce.com.

To learn more, visit www.MyDogsVoyce.com, or email us at inquiries@i4cinnovations.com