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Exclusive ITAC partnership
ITAC, the Identity Theft Assistance Center (www.identitytheftassistance.org), is the national advocate for identity theft victims and a leading voice on identity policy. Millions of consumers have access to ITAC Victim Assistance® through ITAC members – the financial services companies who support ITAC and offer it as a free service for their customers. ITAC is dedicated to protecting all consumers through education, research and the prosecution of identity crime.

Intersections is proud to be the exclusive service provider of ITAC Victim Assistance. ITAC representatives work with a customer to assess and document the impact of identity theft across all of his or her financial relationships. ITAC then notifies all companies where fraud may have occurred to expedite resolution. In addition, with the customer's permission, ITAC shares information with the Federal Trade Commission and law enforcement to help fight identity crime. ITAC has helped tens of thousands of victims of identity theft to restore their good names, while achieving customer satisfaction levels exceeding 99%.

The ITAC Sentinel® line of identity theft protection services is designed to help consumers prevent and detect identity theft before it becomes a problem. Three levels of increasingly proactive and sophisticated ITAC Sentinel products all include the same great ITAC Victim Assistance. Intersections is proud to be the exclusive partner with ITAC in creating and marketing the ITAC Sentinel line of products. ITAC Sentinel is Intersections’ primary solution for companies that experience a data breach.

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