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Data Breach Solutions

No matter how much effort companies put into preventing the loss of sensitive data, breaches still occur with alarming regularity. Companies need to respond to the potential exposure of personal and confidential information quickly and proactively to manage their regulatory obligations and to protect their brand reputations. Failure to act can mean negative press coverage, lost customers, lost business, and potential legal liability.

Our services help to enable your business to respond to security incidents and mitigate potential damage to your employees, customers, and corporate brand. Intersections can help your company be prepared. We have already helped hundreds of companies manage breaches affecting millions of people and ITAC, the Identity Theft Assistance Center has helped tens of thousands recover from identity theft. Through our exclusive partnership with ITAC – a member-supported, non-profit organization founded in 2004 by The Financial Services Roundtable, our ITAC members are able to share information about identity theft cases to help victims recover from identity theft and prevent fraud. No other data breach response provider can provide this level of victim assistance.

Intersections’ Data Breach Readiness programs offer companies comprehensive identity theft protection services in the wake of a data breach. We offer three levels of protection, ITAC Sentinel®, ITAC Sentinel® Plus and ITAC Sentinel® Premium, the only services endorsed by the Financial Services Roundtable. We offer comprehensive data breach readiness plans allowing organizations to react quickly to a data breach resulting in customer retention, cost management, and protection from public and private causes of action.

Helpful Guides
Being armed with the knowledge on how to plan for and react to the unfortunate event of a data breach is critical. These guides are available to help your company get started on the path toward taking care of customers when a data breach occurs as well as better understand what states have data breach notification laws and what those laws require.

7 Steps to Data Breach Readiness

Data Breach Consumer Notification Guide (Updated May 2014)

Our Solutions

  • Full spectrum of services for breach notification, effective customer protection, and identity theft recovery
  • Dedicated breach response team
  • Proactive Data Breach Readiness Program development and Data Breach Rapid Response to an existing breach
  • Scalable offerings for breaches of all sizes
  • Numerous service configuration options to suit your needs, including:
    • Credit-centric and full-spectrum identity protection services
    • Variable duration of complimentary term
    • Phone and Internet enrollment
    • Online and offline fulfillment
    • Consumer notification templates
    • Consumer FAQ development
    • Consumer notification mailings
    • Support from ITAC Victim Assistance®

How we can help

Call us now at 877.983.9850 or contact us to find out how we can help your company establish a Data Breach Readiness Program.

If you have currently experienced a data breach, call our Breach hotline at 888.283.1725 or email us at DataBreachServices@intersections.com.