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2013 Identity Fraud Report

The 2013 Identity Fraud Report conducted by Javelin Strategy & Research, provides a comprehensive analysis of fraud trends by examining the causes and impact of identity fraud and provides effective means of fraud prevention, detection, and resolution.

A key finding in this year’s report reveals that 1 in 4 individuals who received a data breach notification letter became a victim of identity fraud. Data breaches can vary in scope with the amount and type of personal information lost. Data from this year’s indicated Social Security numbers were the most damaging piece of personal information stolen.


This infographic outlines the 3 most likely reasons for identity fraud to occur.

Protecting Children from Identity Fraud

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Key Findings

  • More than 12 million adults were victims of identity fraud in 2012.
  • Total amount of fraud increased to $21 billion.
  • One in four consumers who received a data breach notification became a victim of identity fraud.
  • Advanced monitoring accounted for 50 percent of victims actively detecting fraud using financial alerts, credit monitoring or identity protection services, and by monitoring their accounts.
  • To download a copy of the consumer version of the report, please visit www.idsafety.net.

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For media related questions, please contact Michael Clement at mikeclement@straitinsights.com.